Challenge has always been a part of our history at Maximedical. The distributor began operations with consultancy services for Guidant do Brasil in 1999.

The aim was to reassess the hemodynamics sector, identify its potential and devise a plan to gain a stake in the market in keeping with the leading position already occupied by the brand worldwide.

The mission was a resounding success and through an analytical and accurate assessment of how to operate in Rio Grande do Sul, a local distributor was founded in 2000, namely, Maximedical.

Fundamental to the evolution of business and growth within the sector, the distributor’s performance was based on strategic, professional and well structured initiatives.

The assertive decisions made over the course of almost a decade have ensured reliable services that are compatible with the expectations of a highly demanding and conservative market.

In 2007, new changes were afoot! A prominent international pharmaceutical organization and leader in several segments, Abbott incorporated the vascular division of Guidant in the USA and Maximedical continued to be its distributor in the state.

Through solid and reliable services the company increased its participation in the market, expanding to the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina.

Today, it is recognized for its high quality products, ethics and commitment to its partners and employees.