Partners and Products


Incorporated in 1998, Cardia Inc. is an innovative company, engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing transcatheter septal occluders. An interatrial communication (IAC) is a defect of the superior chambers of the heart (atria), in which the wall (septum) between the right atrium and left atrium does not close. The Ultrasept ASD device is designed to close this space quickly, safely and without the need of surgery.

The FOP (Foramen Oval Patente) is simply an opening or flap in the heart, which provides a communication between the right and left atrial chambers. In 80% of people this opening closes spontaneously during the first days after birth. In 20% of the population, this flap remains slightly open. The Ultrasept FOP is designed to close this flap quickly, safely and without the need of surgery.

Neomex is the company responsible for importing Cardia's product line in Brazil, and our partner to market this product line, since we are the authorized distributors in our operating area that includes the following states: RS, SC and PR.

Founded in 1998, more than a decade ago, Neomex imports and distributes cutting edge medical products. Headquartered in Campinas, in the state of São Paulo, it supplies the entire Brazilian market directly or through authorized distributors.


  • Closure device for the Patent Foramen Ovale
  • Closure Device for Interatrial Communication